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Our services

We provide you with the following services


We translate for you:

  • Private documents, letters, your notes
  • Certificates, deeds, attestations and all official documents with notarization for companies and enterprises
  • For job applications: Your cover letter, your curriculum vitae (CV), your diploma and all other certificates, the list of grades, special awards, references, your personal profile, your job request and all application letters in general.
  • For registrations and enrolments in universities and colleges: previous certificates, the overview of grades and all necessary documents with certification.
  • For companies and corporations: job offers, job vacancy advertisments, job profiles, job descriptions
  • Diploma theses, MA theses, dissertations, bachelor thesis
  • Business correspondence, business letters and e-mails
  • Minutes of meetings, contracts, articles of association
  • Legal and fiscal documents, annual balance sheets and accounts
  • Websites, apps, games
  • Catalogues, brochures, flyer, publications
  • Opinions, expertises
  • Everything for the technical area: Manuals, operating instructions, documentations, safety instructions, navigation systems, tool lists, etc.
  • Software, programs, games, webshops
  • For the medical sector: medical reports, drug descriptions, doctors' reports, clinic reports and any types of medical documents
  • Beauty and cosmetics
  • Literature, books, essays, presentations, your biography
  • Videos, films, commercials, clips, dictations
  • Wedding speeches and other speeches. Speeches at works meetings / conferences, panel discussions, discussions with employees in international companies, discussions with business partners, suppliers, applicants, acquisition talks and other internal communication
  • Travel and tourism
  • Miscellaneous for your private purposes

We thereby cover the following areas:

  • Trade, industry, finances, legislation
  • Engineering, science, IT
  • Promotion, marketing
  • Humanities, art, architecture
  • Insured losses
  • Media, press, publishing
  • Film, radio, television, video
  • Medicine, pharmaceutics, naturopathy, cosmetics
  • Sports, Gymnastics, Dancing, Wellness
  • Food, beverages, stimulants, catering
  • Engineering, Plant construction
  • Building construction, underground engineering, dry mortarless construction
  • Electronics, electrotechnology, digital technology, communications engineering
  • Vehicle technology, automotive engineering
  • Physics, chemical engineering, plastics, synthetics
  • Optics, lighting technology, laser technology
  • Shipping, transport, traffic
  • Environment, recycling
  • Wood, furniture, installations, decoration, home appliances
  • Clothes, fashion, textiles, jewellery
  • Agriculture, forestry
  • Real estate, properties
  • Tourism, travelling

Once the translation is done, we would be pleased to format the text for you, so that you receive everything "ready to use"!

If you need an interpreter or simply someone to accompany you and support you linguistically (accompanying interpretation), please contact us.

Proofreading / Editing

Let us say that you have a text that is correct in terms of content, but the grammar needs to be checked. No problem - just send us your document and you will get a grammatically correct text back. For the German language, Duden will be used as the standard. Of course you can also give us any text to correct in a different language.

In addition, an editor can take your order to check and edit your text in terms of formulation, style, composition and structure, as well as correctness in terms of content.

Manuscripts and books

We are particularly experienced in proofreading, formatting and editing manuscripts and books not only in German, but also in English, Spanish, French and other European languages.

Writing services / Office services

We offer to take on typing work for you, such as transcriptions of handwritten documents, tapes or videos or writing upon dictation.

We are at your disposal for all office services. For example we make telephone calls for you, we manage your correspondence and translation projects, we create and maintain data bases, monitor your reminders and other legal correspondence, deadlines / time limits and much more, which is part of the daily work in your office. You can go on meetings or business trips as a freelancer, self-employed person or entrepreneur balanced and with a good feeling while everything is running smoothly like clockwork in your office.

Localization / Maintenance of your website / SEO

Once the translation is done, it may need to be incorporated into your website. This may require further work, such as adapting the new content to graphics and installations and other necessary work such as creating new metadata. If the website is not yet prepared for further languages, the source code must be reprogrammed. I you run the website with a Content Management System further PlugIns need to be installed and adapted to the website. We can take care of all this for you.

If desired, we can optimize your website for search engines (SEO) and take care of the regular maintenance and content management of your web presence, so that you are up to date with SEO at any time. You don't need to worry about it yourself anymore.


We offer you a wide range of tailor-made trainings through individualised private tutoring as well as teaching in small groups.

The offer includes:

  • 10 finger typing course
  • Private lessons, tutoring, preparation for tests, exercises, exams for the secondary school leaving certificate and the high school leaving examination: English and Mathematics
  • Language courses: German, English, Spanish / grammar and communication
  • Online marketing, especially SEO, SEA, Content Marketing, analysis

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